All In One Loan™ One-Time Close Construction-To-Permanent Program: Start Earning Equity Before Your Home is Built

Blog posted On January 10, 2024

You know what you want. So why would you settle for anything less? If you REALLY want a burger and fries, why pay for nuggets instead? If you’re going to pay for something, it might as well be exactly what you want. You’ve been around the block long enough to know what you want in a home. So why not build it? Before you argue the hassle and cost, you might want to hear about an option that can help you avoid much of both.

Why it’s the perfect time to build a home:

The housing market has been starved of inventory for quite some time. If you’ve been casually looking for a home over the past 1 to 2 years, you get it. There’s a disheartening lack of options, and the few homes that are for sale come at a steep price. Here’s a market breakdown in recent years:

  • Typically, existing home sales account for about 90% of US housing market activity
  • Higher interest rates have kept many would-be sellers on the sidelines, taking a huge chunk of existing home inventory out of the running
  • As a result, new home construction and sales have surged

Better than the typical construction home loan:

The All In One Loan™ One-Time Close Construction-To-Permanent program, or “C-Perm” for short, isn’t your typical construction loan. When you think of building a new home, what worries come to mind? The work? Financing hassle? The costs? Owing a significant mortgage balance in the end? The goal of the AIO C-Perm program is to minimize all of the above. Not only does it offer qualified borrowers the financing needed to build their dream homes, but also an opportunity to lower their loan’s principal balance more aggressively during and after construction, resulting in faster development of home equity and potentially tens of thousands of dollars saved in total interest payments. Borrowers don’t have to change their budget to benefit and can access equity money whenever needed for 30-years without refinancing.

Other construction loans may give you the benefit of one application and closing, but none can match the flexibility and control that the All In One Loan™ C-Perm program provides.

Here are some quick facts about the product:

  • Financing available for primary residences and second homes
  • Land could be pre-owned or purchased with the program
  • Loan amounts up to $3 million
  • Dedicated construction administration team
  • Integrated sweep-checking account and 30-year draw home equity line of credit
  • Repays principal faster during and after construction
  • Keeps money securely liquid for use during and after construction
  • Competitive interest rates, but even lower interest cost!

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