7 Features That Could Boost Your Home’s Value

Blog posted On April 13, 2022

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Not all of a home’s value is based on a curb appeal. In fact, some unusual features could actually attract more buyers and boost your sales price. In a study for Angi, formerly Angie’s List, researchers identified common features that people have in their homes that come with a nice price premium.

  1. Cooktop pot filler

A faucet that is directly over the cooktop is one feature that leads the way in price premiums – adding 3.2% value.

  1. Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting follows the cooktop pot filler with a 2.66% price premium.

  1. Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen is becoming increasingly more common, and it adds a nice 2.48% price premium.

  1. Double-sink vanity

Also known as a ‘his and hers sink,’ a double-sink vanity in your master bathroom has a 2.35% premium.

  1. Barn door

Not just for the outdoors, a barn door is a modern style that efficiently saves space – sliding to open instead of swinging on hinges. With the addition of a barn door, you could add a 2.32% price premium to your home.

  1. Quartz countertops

A modern granite, quartz countertops are a very popular choice in many homes and can add a price premium of around 2.26%.

  1. Oversized windows

While conventional six-pane windows have been traditional for a while, larger windows are starting to become more popular in modern homes. The more natural light, the better.

Typically, investing in some renovations before you sell your home is a good way to boost your sales price. One option for financing is a cash out refinance. If you’d like to learn more about our cash out refinance options, let us know or check out our free, online, cash-out refinance guide.